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the steaks i'm buying are so tough i don't think anything will really tenderize them, but this marinade went a long way. besides outstanding flavor, it only takes me about one minute to chew each bite compared to maybe 5 minutes with a different marinade i tried yesterday. it did a great job on some rabbit meat also. i used Bragg Liquid Aminos instead of regular soy sauce; less salty and a little more healthy.

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John Comeau October 15, 2007

If I could rate this any higher, I would. It was excellent!!! I marinated the flank for 7 hours and it came out really, really tender. Blew me away. Hubby is still talking about it!! As soy sauce can be really salty, I did cut it down with some water, but that was the only changes I made. I plan on trying this on other cuts of meats. It would be criminal offense not to try this recipe! Fluffster, thank you for the contribution!!!

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Abby Girl June 26, 2007
Papaya-Marinated Grilled Flank Steak