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Papaya's are rich in antioxidants. Contains many minerals a good source of potassium & magnesium. When they are green they contain a good source of papain a protein-digesting enzyme similar to bromelain. Which is used in meat tenderizers. Berries are a good source of anticancer compound ellagic acid. Studies have shown those that ate strawberries were 3 times less likely to develop cancer then those that didn't eat them.

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  1. Place all in blender till smooth and creamy. To your health! Enjoy!
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Fantastic - matches exactly my requirements for low fructose! I used rice milk and added 1 teaspoon tahini for creaminess. No sweetener necessary, the papaya really is sweet enough. For the berries I used sour cherries, cranberries and blueberries. This definitely is a keeper - thanks for sharing! Made for POOL PARTY TAG GAME.

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Sweet, creamy and smooth. Be sure you have a ripe papaya (slightly soft when squeezed) and that you cut off the bitter ends and skin). I love that Rita gives nutrition information in the description!

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Yummy. I changed by adding 1 c. fat-free plain yogurt, and did not use the honey since the mixed berries are sweet enough. Add more milk until you get your desired consistency. Great breakfast drink!