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If you are a big cinnamon fan, you might like this. I like cinnamon but didn't care for in this, I think it overpowers the beautiful tropical flavors of the fruit especially the coconut. I love young coconut.

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mail4cindy March 02, 2009

Very nice! I made half a batch and used jarred papaya because that is all that is available around here lately. (And I called all the grocery stores!) After cutting the point off the young coconut (that's what the Melissa's brand label said to do), I poked a couple holes in it with a carrot peeler hammered by a meat tenderizer! Then I tried a few kitchen implements to get it further open. Finally I asked my 12yo son, "do you still have that little saw from the woodworking set?" The coconut water was so good I had to stop myself from drinking it so I could make the soup! Great soup! Reviewed for Healthy Choices ABC tag.

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mliss29 September 11, 2008
Papaya and Young Coconut Soup