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This is a very good recipe. If you buy head on shrimp, save the heads and shells. Heat oil in pan with garlic and saute the shrimp heads and shells until they are pink. Remove the shells. The liquor from the shrimp heads can be pressed out and added to the pan. Saute the pork, and add the vegetables just as you have described. I add the shrimp near the end as they overcook easily. The rice noodles should be soaked 15-20 minutes in water first, then cut into 1-2 inch lengths. Thanks for posting.

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Amy in Hawaii September 06, 2011

This was really yummy, and it makes quite a lot! I chose to use the shrimp only, as I have a bizarre aversion to mixing meats. Otherwise I followed the recipe to a T and it did not disappoint. At the table I added a bit more soy sauce to my plate (mine is reduced-sodium and I should have increased the amount in the dish to compensate) and some crushed red pepper as I was in the mood for heat. DH enjoyed this, too, and I love that this was a great sneaky way to get cabbage into toddler DS (who swears he hates cabbage). Thanks for posting! Made for the Mischief Makers, ZWT 6.

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smellyvegetarian May 26, 2010

This is a fantastic recipe that I will certainly make again often! Very easy to make and the taste was delicious. Also, the recipe makes the perfect amount to cook on a Sunday afternoon and have lunches for the whole week. :) Thanks for sharing Papa D! Made for ZWT6 Seasoned Sailor and his Sassy Sirens

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Az B May 25, 2010
Papa D's Pancit