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Thank you for such an easy scrumptious chicken recipe! Used thighs, with skin. Then, made a combo of black, wild and jasime rice, in the rice cooker. Topped the rice with the Watercress Cilantro Sauce found on Recipezaar, (but I didn’t save it and can’t find it again… there was yogurt in it, I remember). Anyway it was mmmm mmmm good. Next time I might just have to throw in some jalpenos somewhere there! Will use Papa Bear’s recipe when chicken is called for in salads.

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Slewfoot Sue August 13, 2007

A moist, delicious chicken that was perfectly seasoned. I used lemon pepper seasoning (w/o salt) since the bread crumbs have salt in them already and used only one lemon. I couldn't fold chicken in half to bake because my fan-assisted oven likes to burn anything that isn't flat as a pancake. So, I pounded the chicken to an even thickness (in a ziploc to avoid mess), placed on foil, squeezed lemon juice, drizzled oil, seasoned with lemon pepper and then dredged in breadcrumbs on a paper plate. Couldn't have been any easier or any better. We'll have this regularly. Oh, and I cooked for 35 minutes to perfection.

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Petite Mommy October 24, 2006

This made up fairly easily, but I had problems keeping the breading on. I think next time I won't turn it. Nice flavor, but I did use more than 1 teaspoon of the lemon pepper and cooked mine for about 10 minutes longer than stated and it turned out nice and juicy. Thanks

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~Nimz~ September 24, 2006
Papa Bear's Baked Italian Lemon Chicken