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I liked the texture and super easy to make but I feel the Parmesan was too strong, will make again but cut back on the cheese or use another type. Wonder what cheese would be a good replacement for quiejo de Minas?!

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mama4mia July 19, 2009

This sounds very good, but the real Brazilian Pão de Queijo is not made with parmesan cheese, but with "Queijo de Minas." (Minas is the state of "Minas Gerais," where the Portuguese settlers had mines, hence the name.) Unfortunately I have never found any cheese in the US that slightly approaches the sublte, fresh taste of Queijo de Minas... (maybe VERY fresh mozzarela cheese?) Yoki sells a package of powder Pão de Queijo; I never tried, so don'g know how good it is.

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MrsK June 09, 2009

WHOA!!! tastes like Fogo's! I boiled the milk, unsalted butter and salt and then I added it to the tapioca flour in my kitchenaid. I used the dough hook and I used a bit more flour than it called for. I let it sit for about 10 minutes and then added the eggs and cheese. I also poured it into mini-muffin tins. DELECTABLE! everyone loved them!!!

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Yanni1 May 03, 2009

The mixture came out very liquid-y and I was not able to knead or form into balls. Instead I let the mixture sit for a few minutes for it to solidify a little and then put the mixture into mini-muffin tins. I baked them at 350 for 20 minutes as suggested by another reviewer and they came out perfectly - just like the ones I had in Brazil. However, I had enough for far more than 20 pao, so hopefully this freezes well.

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cpadlan November 17, 2008

I was on a mission to find a recipe to duplicate the rolls I had at the Fogo De Chao restaurant. tried several recipes, including one that supposedly came from the Fogo De Chao chef, but the rolls were not good. This recipe is definitely closest to what I am looking for... I will try and alter it a little next time. I would recommend the following: Use a finely grated Mexican parmesan. I used a parmesan I bought from a regular grocery store on one of the recipes I tried and it was WAY too strong... Also, use UNSALTED butter. I used salted butter and add the teaspoon of salt and it was a little too salty. Lastly, to form the balls, grease your hand and spoon with oil. I poured some oil in a small bowl and occasionally dipped my fingers into the oil. I think I will try the following next time... Most of the other recipes I found called for oil so I will try half butter and half corn or sunflower oil. I will used unsalted butter, I will add a teaspoon of sugar. so glad I found this recipe. Thanks!

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lannitran July 30, 2008

I tried to make this from the wikipedia cookbook dictionary and got lost halfway, so i followed half of that recipe and half of this. The consistency was just right and i managed to knead it into little balls. The proportion of Tapioca Flour was 300gm, 160gm of milk, 80gm gm of butter and 2 eggs. Tastes fantastic and its extremely addictive!

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jessemyne June 01, 2008

If you are having problems with the consistence, you can try to put it in a pastry bag! I do it all the time... I will post my recipe, from a legitime "mineiro" and Pastry Chef! And, I'll send some pictures of it!

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Chef Pamella May 14, 2008

After eating at Fogo de Chao (a wonderful Brazilian steakhouse) I was on a hunt for the recipe for their amazing bread. This bread is literally the best I have had at any restaurant, EVER! I found a copy-cat recipe online but it turned out to be more of a popover. They were good but deflated once I took them out of the oven. :( This one sounded so much more like Fogo de Chao's so I had to try it. I made this exactly as written except that I poured the hot liquid into my stand mixer then added the dry ingredients. The only issue I came across, like the other reviewers, is that it was way too wet to roll into balls. I ended up adding another half cup of tapioca flour but it was still very gummy. I didn't want to add more so I did as others had suggested and filled up a mini muffin pan. This worked perfectly! These are almost exactly like Fogo de Chao's and I am just tickled! For taste and texture, this is a five star recipe, for sure but, since the amount of dry ingredients is obviously off, I had to deduct one star. It's a shame because this is by far one of my favorite recipes that I've found on the 'zaar. Cheers!

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GoodnPlentiful May 12, 2008

The suggestion by CuisineDeCoeur to use Mini Muffin Tins is brilliant. It works very well. I also like in this recipe sprinkling the top with parmesan cheese before baking. It gives a nice color. I have not made this recipe, but use one very similar using oil instead of butter. I first became hooked on this bread treat in the Brazilian restaurant Picanha in Burbank, CA. They are so good!!!

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Chef Cathy D. February 01, 2008

I was looking for a perfect Pao de Queijo recipe after my Brazilian friend made them for me at her house (she used a pre-packaged mix that she brought from Brazil that I had trouble finding in the US, I think they only sell them in Brazilian grocery stores, but anyways making them fresh is so much better!). I tried several recipes and this one is by far the best in terms of simplicity and producing yummy results. Each time I have made this, I was never able to get my dough to the point of solidity where it can be shaped (although this seems to be the nature of the tapioca flour, once u add it to liquid it tends to liquify very quickly). However, I spoon the batter into mini muffin cups and they turned out wonderfully crisp on the outside and with a nice melty chewy cheese interior. Tip: Don't be tempted to pre-make the dough and freeze them for later use -- I did this and froze them in the mini muffin cups, thinking that it would be a breeze to pop into the oven when friends came over. However, once the dough freezes and solidifies, if you pop it straight into the oven, the puffs come out dense like a brick and not nearly as light as when the dough is liquid-y. I might try letting the dough sit for awhile out of the freezer next time before baking, but at least this first attempt was underwhelming.

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CuisineDuCoeur December 07, 2007
Pao de Queijo (Cheese Puffs-Brazilian)