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This was super easy and delicious. Next time I will cut down the sugar though. It's just not necessary to use quite so much in the apples, although I did use a different type of apple. I cooked this in a 10" cast iron skillet. Need to be careful not to wait too long to put it in the oven and burn the bottom due to the sugar. I pulled it out of the oven 2 minutes early. Came out nice. A real treat.

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LKC_NYC December 07, 2013

This was very easy, but I thought it was just ok. I did forget that German "pancakes" are way more eggy than American versions, so maybe that's why I didn't enjoy it as much as others. I did cook this in a cast iron like LKC_NYC. I used two Gala apples that would be equivelant to a large Granny Smith. I added just a dash of clove because I think it goes great with apples. I did everything else exact, but the batter was just too eggy for us. I also think there is too much sugar. I think this could be cut in half, unless we use a regular pancake batter. If I do make this again, that's what I would do - is switch out the batter. Thanks for posting.

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Smilyn March 23, 2014

I wish I could give this 10 stars!!! It's very easy to make - even on those hectic school mornings. I try to get everything together the night before and it's quick to throw together. I also let it in the oven just about 2-3 minutes longer then this recipe calls for. Everyone in my family loves this for breakfast!

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skopit January 03, 2013

Thank you so much for sharing diner. I love german pancakes, this one is a little different than the ones I usually make, but it is just as wonderful. The texrure and flavor were spot on. Loved the apples and spices in the pancake, so yummy. It was perfection served with a little icing sugar and whipped cream, :yummy:

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Baby Kato September 27, 2012
Pannekoeken (Apple Pie Pancake/German)