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oh my holy cannoli. this is over the top insanely delicious!! I doubled the meat portion of the recipe, I used onion powder instead of onion, when round 1 was finished, I reserved the water (now broth) to use in round 2 as I cooked these 4 at a time in my cast iron skillet. Yes, the mixture was soft, but not unworkable. I make what we call salisbury steaks every so often but this method with the braise makes the patties so tender & wonderful. My picky one commented repeatedly on how perfect these were! I also made the Graddas sauce to go with it. I used 2 large Spanish onions. Thank you!! Made for ZWT9, Mike & the Appliance Killers. :)

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Elmotoo August 01, 2013

Utterly delicious! I had some difficulties to shape them because they were so wet, and I ended up with four very oddly shaped patties, but the flavour makes you forget all about the looks LOL Like lazyme, I simmered them in some broth (vegetable broth because that's what I happened to have). So moist, not dry like some beef patties. Thanks for sharing!<br/>Made for Family Picks ZWT 9 for The Apron String Travelers

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Mia in Germany September 06, 2013

Yummy dinner. As others have already noted, these are pretty wet to deal with without chilling them first. I also used beet broth rather than water for simmering. Simple and good. Thanks for sharing PanNan. Made for ZWT9.

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lazyme August 08, 2013

Fresh local beef, fresh local eggs, homemade breadcrumbs, one extra large Walla Walla<br/>onion from our CSA box were used to make these patties. I substituted beef broth instead of water to simmer the patties. Patties were served with your posted Graddsas recipe. Easy and fast to make. We like these patties! PS I only caramelized one large Walla Walla onion for the recipe. The mixture is wet when first prepared but by refrigerating the meat (for at least 30 minutes) makes forming patties much easier. Reviewed for ZWT 9.

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COOKGIRl July 31, 2013

The taste is so good. I used onion powder instead of grated onion. The patties were very wet and hard to work with. I put them a few minutes in the fridge. But I was able to have great looking patties LOL Instead of using water, I used beef broth. It added a great taste. Thanks PanNan :) Made for the Zwizzle Chicks of ZWT

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Boomette June 07, 2010

The seasonings are beautiful, and the onions make this just incredible! Made for ZWT 6.

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Chocolatl June 05, 2010
Pannbiff Med Lok - Meat Patties With Onions