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This is fabulous! I made this for my monthly dinner club and did not add fruit to the recipe and everyone devoured it. They even enjoyed it without the chocolate sauce. Due to lack of time instead of refrigerating the dish, I put it in the freezer for a couple of hours. It worked just as well. I will definitely make this again. So easy and fabulous!

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Spice Jar June 16, 2009

Scene from a restaurant -- Sushiman: Do you want dessert? Me: Not really, I'll just have some of yours. Sushiman: You want to order panna cotta again, don't you..... Me: Well, it is one of my favorite desserts, and I never make it at home. Sushiman: I'm getting bloody sick of you always ordering panna cotta, why can't you ever order anything else? I want the mousse cake, order your own bloody panna cotta! Me: As you wish... It's true, I really should order something else when we go out to eat, but I really never make this at home, and I do LOVE panna cotta. So I decided to try and make it at home, how difficult can it be? Not every. Easy, in fact. I didn't change a thing in this recipe, except for the fact that we really don't have fresh berries here in Israel, the imported stuff is waaaaay too expensive (even if I am worth it), and our strawberry season is in the winter (go figure). So I used frozen berries and just pureed them into a coulis, and spooned half of that on top, and the other half got the chocolate sauce bath. Yummy! Sushiman's in trouble now, I may be making this for dessert each time from now on. Thanks!

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Mirj October 12, 2006
Panna Cotta With Fresh Berries and Chocolate Sauce