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This recipe has been included in book#246531. I wish I could give this recipe 10 stars -- it is that good! I used thin tilapia fillets and they turned out really moist and crunchy. The garnish is what really took the dish over the top; I have never fried basil before and was wondering what it would taste like. It is one of the best garnishes I have ever had. I sampled the garnish when it was almost done and was so busy getting it on the table that I just grabbed a pinch of the orange zest. After I fried the fish I wiped out the pan before I added the garlic, jalapeno and basil so the garnish would not have the little bits of the fish coating in it. The whole family wants me to make this recipe again this week and I'll make sure to add all of the orange zest. I've only had two recipes before that I thought I'd like to give more than 5 stars and now I'll add this to them. This is the best of the best. Thanks for posting this superb recipe.

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TasteTester January 31, 2010
Panko-Crusted Sole With Basil, Garlic and Orange