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Actually it is a Ming Tsai recipe which he published in 2000 and then featured on his Food Network show "East Meets West with Ming Tsai."

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Chef Kate June 08, 2007

Another winner Mean! This was a big hit with our friends that came to help us with a home improvement project. I made the Four Chilie Aioli the night before, and kept it in the fridge. It is QUITE spicey (at least to me, I'm a wimp) so I served it on the side. I thought that some people would find it TOO spicey....but it disappeared very quickly. I have since used that particular recipe on other sandwiches, and it is always a big hit. Great, easy-to-follow directions on using Panko, too. That was the first time I had used it, because up until now, it hasn't been readily available. Thanks for a great recipe, with great techniques.!

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Lightly Toasted September 20, 2006
Panko Crusted Chicken Sandwich With Four Chile Aioli