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I sent a foto!

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quid_pro_quo March 26, 2007

This is a wonderful bread to make for holiday celebrations and the recipe works perfectly as written. The dough was a softer dough for me, so it took me a little bit of patience to get the hang of it. I used the small panettone papers and made two loaves, which worked perfectly. It's such a nice sweet bread and the fruit flavors throughout the bread are wonderful. We love the candied citron! It really isn't so time consuming (although the waiting during the rises was tough...we just wanted them done and ready to eat) if you don't count the rising time. The loaves were dark after an hour in the oven, but golden on the inside. We cut into one, I left it on the counter to find later that my little one had taken the middle out of it to have as a snack. Dee...Thank you for sharing your family recipe, it's one that I know I'll make each holiday!!

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Akikobay April 18, 2003
Panettone di Milano