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Absolutely delicious! My partner and I both had 2nds (he's a fussy eater) and he's requested it be made again. Very simple and easy to make. I left out the corn starch and substituted carrot for bell pepper. And can recommend serving with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of chopped fresh coriander (cilantro).

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Horsecrazy Kiwi March 06, 2013

Outstanding! Even better than Panera's.

I changed it up a bit and used minced garlic from the jar, and 1/2 large red bell pepper, 1 chicken bouillon cube, 8oz of medium temperature salsa, and about 1/2 cup of fresh, chopped cilantro. Also, used 1 can of plain black beans and 1 can of seasoned black beans to add extra flavor. Added 1 teaspoon of cumin rather than 1/2 t and then sprinkled more at the end. By choice, did not add lemon or extra salt because of salt in the boul cube, salsa, and in the low sodium chic broth. It was perfect!!

For a side dish I made chopped sauteed collard greens with olive oil and garlic and then topped the black bean soup with it. So good! I am going to make a second batch tomorrow and then going to Panera and buy the multi-grain baguette to eat with it. This is a keeper!! Super healthy with fiber, vitamins, and incredibly tasty. 25 stars!!

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SnackoMan February 03, 2013

Very good! Lots of flavor and makes just the right amount for both of us. I did add some finely diced carrots. When the soup was finished, I did add some cooked brown rice. Would recommend this soup any time you want that warm and comfy feeling.

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DustyFox January 04, 2013

LOVE this recipe. I've been using it on a regular basis since I found it about a year ago!
The only changes I make are to saute the veggies before simmering...and then add some cayenne pepper at the end. I like my soup with a kick!
My husband, despite being a picky eater, loves this soup. I always double the recipe, and it still goes fast!

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brizabeth January 04, 2013

I just got through making this and it was so good I just had to make an account to review it. I stuck to the recipe with only a few modifications. First off, I saut?ed one finely diced red onion with olive oil until translucent. Then, added 3 cloves of minced garlic instead of two (I love garlic! Who doesn't?) for about 1 min. Afterward, I added the remaining veggies, the chicken stock, about 2/3 can of half-drained black beans (rather than the half can, undrained), and prepared it as the directions suggested. SOOOOO GOOD! I thought it was actually better than Panera's :) I am a huge health nut and this recipe fits into my diet 100% the guilt free feeling after eating it makes it even better! I should also add, as most reviewers have said, this soup is EXTREMELY filling! I will be making it again VERY soon and will be doubling the recipe so I have plenty for leftovers :)

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jhagge1 December 27, 2012

Great soup. I did not add the cornstarch, since I liked the thickness, but otherwise made as directed. Thanks for the super healthy and tasty keeper.

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Mike McCartney December 25, 2012

Absolutely love this recipe! I used it as a basic "base" black bean soup. After reading the suggestions of some other reviewers, I added some fresh salsa in with the veggies and pureed it. The flavor was amazing! Paired this with a simple salad for a healthy dinner.

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hannuuuuh December 03, 2012

I made this recipe exactly as written and it came out great. It's such a quick recipe and the flavors do come together nicely. It's not quite Panera's though. :) Panera's has a thicker base. After trying it as written, I ended up adding more corn starch and another can of black beans to help thicken it at bit. Next time, I might had more at the beginning while using the immersion blender. I'll post again next time I make this. But all in all, a great recipe!!

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JaclynIppy November 29, 2012

I made this recipe today and it was AMAZING. Super easy and very tasty. I used 1 can of regular and 1 can of low sodium black beans (next time I will use 2 cans of low sodium). I omitted the lemon and the red peppers (I didn't have any on hand but it actually tastes great without it). Also I used 1.5 packs of the Goya bouillion cube packs. I think 1 bouillion cube pack would have actually been enough. Otherwise everything was the same...So good. Thanks for sharing.

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Talk of NJ November 03, 2012
(Panera Bread) Black Bean Soup