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I loved this! It's very mild and rich; I couldn't stop eating it. I made a couple of minor changes...I used cardamom powder rather than the whole seeds, I used sour cream instead of the heavy cream, and I didn't strain the tomato mixture. Also, I removed the bay leaf before processing the sauce. Absolutely delicious...thanks for posting this!

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Aunt Cookie January 23, 2007

I submitted my previous comments before rating this recipe. I definitely give it five stars. Very tasty and so easy.

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ustexasjoe February 04, 2012

Must say that this was the easiest and yet the tastiest recipe I have tried. I used ginger-garlic paste instead of the chopped ginger; omitted the bay leaf, methi, cream and sugar and mom declared that it was great just on its own! Thanks for the great recipe!

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Vaane December 28, 2006

Perfect, absoultely perfect... Thanks!

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Ginny S. June 07, 2006

I love paneer! There are so many wonderful Paneer recipes and this is one of them! I really like that it doesnt use onion and garlic because this saved me alot of time, I also used can tomato purree because I didnt have any fresh tomato and still tasted wonderful. Next time I will put with Yoghurt instead of cream to make it healthier.

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zainab23 April 08, 2006

wow - amazing recipe! THANKS!

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Aamna August 20, 2005

This was really good! We love paneer and so I added a bit more than called for but it was surprisingly unneeded, the amount listed is perfect. The sauce is smooth and creamy and lush. I didn't have whole cardamoms so I used some of the dried spice. I think this would also be good with raisins and/or pistachios added (though probably not authentic).

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maubee May 25, 2004

Hi Bragz...this was a great recipe thanks. I used the recipe as is and it was great...I am going to try the tandoor next. C.R. - why did you repeat the whole recipe in your comments? Silly-I thought they were corrections until I started writing them down:-) Thx Bragz..are you going to be the Indian Jamie Oliver?

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Mrs Beeton wannabe September 03, 2003

First off, let me tell you that I was going crazy this evening about whether to make your 'Paneer Tikka' or this recipe. After discussing with my mom, we decided to go for this. Now, let me convey a thousand thanks to YOU for posting this recipe. I made this for dinner tonight and everyone licked their fingers clean! I made a few substitutions and a few changes though - I used 2 tbsps. oil instead of 4(4 is way too much!) and next time, I will be using only 1 tbsp. Besides that, I used 6 tbsps. of low-fat plain yogurt instead of cream(for a lower fat substitute).Besides that, I used 250 gms paneer(cut in 1 inch cubes), 5 large tomatoes(peeled and chopped), 1/2 inch ginger(peeled and chopped), 1 bay leaf(for the FIRST time in my life today I ground a bay leaf in my mixie- step 3), 1/2 tsp. red chilli powder, 1/4 tsp. garam masala powder and 1/2 tsp. salt to prepare this dish. I powdered the two green cardamoms along with their skins in my mixie as I was feeling lazy to crush them - the flavourful aroma of these was wafting through my whole house when I added this(with skins) to the bayleaf and ginger that I'd sauteed(sp?)in oil. My mom complimented me from the sitting room when she smelt the wonderful aroma- I was thanking YOU right from that point of time. I omitted the fenugreek seeds(I detest them, I dont know why, but I absolutely don't like them, so, I generally omit them as they're just used for seasoning, it doesn't worry me too much). I used 1 tsp sugar this time, but plan to leave it out next time because it gave a slight hint of sweetness to the dish once completed - we prefer mild spicy, hence, next time, no sugar in this. This made 3 servings for us and was gone in minutes when served hot with rotis. Garnished with corriander leaves made it look so pretty, I felt like writing a poem on it:) Dad was really really happy with his dinner tonight and I can't thank you enough - do post more of your recipes, I really look forward to them. Note: I didn't pass the tomato mixture through a sieve, but directly added it to the skillet(refer step 3) - turned out very good! Thanks very much, countless times, for posting this recipe.

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Charishma_Ramchandani November 18, 2002
Paneer Makhani