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We really enjoyed this recipe. We had a little bit of difficulty forming them into balls that would retain the shape, though what it looked like didn't matter that much to us. We really enjoyed the flavor and would make again. We served over rice.

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Dr. Jenny September 18, 2014

I really liked this recipe. The best thing was that the koftas didn't break apart during deep frying like a lot of other kofta recipes do. I didn't add baby spinach leaves to the koftas because I didn't have any. I added only a very small amount of water to the mix (with too much water I think they might fall apart), then I refrigerated the balls a few hours before frying (which might have helped to keep them together). I made the sauce nearly as directed but I pureed the tomato first and used 2 tomatoes rather than one and I fried the whole spices then the onion, ginger and garlic, then the powdered spices, then finally I added the pureed tomato and fried it until the water of the tomato reduced and the tomato became golden (to cook the tomato [which gives a nice flavour through the dish]). The sauce tasted good as it was, but then I added a teaspoon of tomato paste and a little cream and half a teaspoon of sugar to the sauce and that also made it nice (I wanted the koftas to taste like malai kofta a dish from indian restaurants). Next time I want to add a few sultanas to the kofta mix as well, which I think would be nice. As is the koftas taste cheesy and spicy (without a flour or egg taste which is very good). I will definitely put this on my rotation as dish for when I feel like eating malai kofta.

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zainab23 February 10, 2011
Paneer Kofta in a Tomato Gravy