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The pancakes are easy to make. I wouuld suggest to let stand the dough for 10 minutes before you bake the pancakes. This will give the flour time to swell. I made small pancakes. The vanilla banana topping was great. Because I didn't have enough vanilla essence, I cut down the amount to about 3 tablespoons and it was great that way. I asembled the five pancakes with a layer of bananas in between. For serving I dusted the stacks with caster sugar and served more bananas on side in a little bowl, so that everyone could add more. For a 2nd serving I served the pancakes on a plate on the side. The dessert is great. The sweetness of the banana goes well together with the fluffy texture of the pancakes. Thanks for sharing a wonderful dessert.

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Thorsten January 27, 2008

This recipe is beyond anything I can describe reasonably in a coherent way. For the first problem~Dennis and I ate the bananas/vanilla essence sauce, all of it. Before we made the pancakes. Uh...that was problematic because there were no bananas left. Ran up to our local convenience store~"Highs Dairy Store" and bought more bananas. Came back and tried again with pancakes. I made these two ways. one vegan with vanilla soy milk and Enger-G egg replacer, and soy margarine. The other I did with egg, milk, and butter. Make sure you make up a couple of pancakes prior to making the banana sauce, as you will have to run out and get more, I guarantee this. We just put the bananas in the oven and ate from there. Thank you so very much my friend, Chef floWer.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm October 22, 2007

We loved these simple pancakes that are lots less calories/ and lower fat than our usual. I did use 1 whole egg (and no water as suggested) and a bit more flour. For the topping I used 2 bananas and 1 apple and 4 teaspoons vanilla (as suggested by another reviewer) and no ice cream as we had these for breakfast. Thanks for sharin this keeper which we will be having often.

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ellie_ October 14, 2007

I just tried the topping with my usual pancake recipe: it was nice, but there was WAY too much vanilla. I have my suspicions that it should actually be 4 TEASPOONS, not tablespoons. Also, there's an ounce of butter in the ingredients list, but no mention of it in the instructions, so I just left it out without any apparent detriment! But maybe one could try dotting it over the bananas before grilling them...

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SilverLeaf October 12, 2007

This was yummy! everyone loved it and my kids even thought the vanilla banana juices were just right and didn't add maple syrup. I did use liquid egg substitute (1/4 cup). And for the topping - I cooked it under the broiler until browned, uncovered. 30 g of butter is about 3 tablespoons for USA cooks. Thanks for a yummy recipe!

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MA HIKER April 18, 2007
Pancakes With Vanilla Banana (Using an Egg Replacer)