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Awww! These are just like the pancakes my Dad (born and raised in Northern Ireland) used to make for my sisters and I. We used to called them Crep Sussette. Thanks for the memory!

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Mel... April 18, 2010

I love these "pancakes". (I call them crepes because they're so thin.) i have made miniature ones & put whip cream & pie filling (blueberry/cherry/raspberry) in them & served them as a fancy desert & people loved them! I love, love, love them w/ lemon juice & sugar! YUMMY!!!!

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um-um-good September 28, 2009

Thank you FT/FS for a crepe recipe that works usually the DH takes over because I can never seem to get them right but this time he wasn't here and woola great crepes. I made the mix in a four cup jug and poured straight from the jug after the first few I got it down pretty well pat and including the first 3 trial ones I got 17 all up and we have just enjoyed some for afternoon tea. Plan on using the rest later in the week and fill them with a tuna mornay. Thanks once again, made for Edition 8 - make my recipe.

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I'mPat September 27, 2009

Just as I remembered my dad making on pancake day! I was a little worried at first, but they came out great, and of course, i ate them as i made them. Next time i'll have to share, and there will be a next time.

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Brutus July 25, 2008

Get ready to enjoy the subtle taste of lemon on lacy crepes. In canada we have a famous sweet called beaver tail..the original is a large "tail" of fried dough slathered with lemon and sugar. This is the light version... :) Tip1. Use a very good non stick pan,and you won't need anything apart from a very small amt of cooking spray if that. I found the extra butter in the pan actually made it harder to flip them, the butter in the batter is all it needs. The dryer pan makes them more manageable Tip2..forget putty knives.After trying a few things discovered the easiest way is to first make sure the crepe is thin..wait until it browns on the bottom and when brown enough use a silicone spatula to lift it up and turn it. The first couple of tries you will likely end up with a mess but soon as it becomes clear that when its ready for turning you can move it easily in one piece around the pan, there will be no more messes. Tip 3. These cool quickly given the thin crepes, so keep an oven at 200 and just pop the finished ones on a plate in there.

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MarraMamba February 08, 2008
Pancakes With Lemon and Sugar for Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day