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Wonderful, healthier pancake for me!!! I made this but scaled back for 1/2 of the amounts. I agree with another reviewer, they do burn easier, I think because of the added sugar. They rose so nicely and I couldn't believe it was with no added fat!!! Next time, and there will be many, I will omit the sugar completely, as I serve mine with fresh sliced strawberries or maple syrup, so that sweetens them plenty. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Made for Holiday Tag Game.

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diner524 November 10, 2012

Great pancakes! So light and fluffy and I liked the addition of the brown sugar. I made half of the recipe and used some of the applesauce, warmed and mixed with just a little syrup, as a topping for the pancakes. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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loof December 19, 2012

ok mine rose like crazy but i always put in a little lemon juice to all my pancakes just personal taste and helps activate the bp
these can burn a little easier than regular pancakes i liked these alot

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Dienia B. September 11, 2012

Pat this is wonderful and so easy to put together. They were devoured for our Valentine's breakfast treat. Very light and moist texture. They don't rise a whole lot but that was fine with us. I topped mine with apple butter but my hubby and son used syrup. I would love to add a bit more cinnamon to these and then top with stewed apples and use as a dessert one night too. Wonderful recipe and one that I'm passing on to my parents as my dad is diabetic and this will help him so much. Made for Potluck Tag.

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HokiesMom February 16, 2011

Yum!! Served topped with some additional unsweetened applesauce and a dash of cinnamon, no butter no syrup thus taking an already yummy pancake and pushing it right over the top. So healthy and so good that you know I will be making again. Thanks so much for the post.

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Debbwl December 19, 2010