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This was my 1st experiment with Turkey chops. I've had pork and beef removed from my diet by my trainer. I found this recipe easy to follow, I added fresh lemon juice because I like that lemon pepper combo. It was just excellent. Full of flavor and the meat was tender and juicy. This is a permenant addition to my menu's. Thanks for sharing.

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denisemontgomery October 20, 2006

Very tasty, but I had to reduce the 'kick'. Therefore, I halved the pepper and omitted the cayenne pepper. I didn't have celery salt, but the tbs of salt was enough for me. I thought it would be too spicy for my kids, but they thought it was great. Searing the meat made it very moist and I had plenty of seasoning left over to use at another time. I will use very often, it was so easy. Thanks, Renanda!

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Tara Colquitt February 12, 2007

I gave this recipe 3 stars. My family liked these chops. Even my 7 yrs old niece ate these right as did my 5 yr old newphew who had 3 helping of them and said they were so good. This was the first time I ever tried turkey chops. I made a few minor changes to the recipe. I took the advice of a reviewer and cut back on the black pepper by 1 tbl. I also used canola oil in place of the olive oil. I used garlic powder as I was out of garlic salt. I also used 8 chops instead of 6. My family thought these were a bit more spicy then we like so next time I make them I cut the chili powder down to 1 tbl. and cut the cayenne pepper out all together. Overall these were good and we will have them again. Thanks for posting a good recipe. Christine (internetnut)

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internetnut November 22, 2008

Very salty. If I made this again, I would drastically cut down on the salt.

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biederman.m August 22, 2015

I just tried this. Turkey chops were most tender I have ever cooked. They were delicious. Didn't use salt and maybe half the pepper.

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Edrina E. October 30, 2013
Pan Seared Turkey Chops