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I have congestive heart failure and I ate this tonight with a pan-seared ahi tuna steak and it was the best thing I have tasted in years!

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annebuckley April 18, 2010

Loved this! I usually make spinach with garlic only, and found the onion a great addition. Even the large picky eater in the house enjoyed it. Simple and quick to fix. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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LonghornMama February 04, 2008

Excellent... a very tasty veggie recipe that took only minutes to prepare. I used an large white onion because it was all I had to hand, 2 very big cloves of garlic and was impressed at how much of the flavour really came though. Yes I DID accidently overcook mine a bit... mostly because I was in a hurry after a crazy day where the family and I were more than two hours late home (tired and hungry x 4 doesn't create calm in the kitchen LOL) and in my haste didn't drain enough of the water away from the spinch leaves after washing them, so part of them pan fried and the rest steamed in the water that was released. My error entirely and I already know that the flavour without the waterness next time will be even better. Please see my rating system: this recipe gets 5 stars for sheer speed and great flavour with a limited list of ingredients. A much better and healthier option than the local chinese takeaway that we were were tempted to surcome to in our tiredness that adds extra salt and msg to everything... and faster too! Thanks !!!

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kiwidutch December 08, 2007
Pan Seared Spinach