Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 mins

Another very simple recipe...and a healthy one as well.

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  1. Warm up olive oil in a 10" or 12" skillet.
  2. Mix the corn meal and Old Bay seasoning thoroughly, then spread out on a platter.
  3. Coat tilapia fillets lightly, but thoroughly with corn meal and Old Bay mixture.
  4. Lay coated fillets in hot olive oil (medium-medium high heat) and cook until golden on the bottom, then turn fillets over and repeat.
  5. Do not overcook the fish--it's easy to do.
  6. While fillets are cooking, combine Miracle Whip, sweet relish, and lemon juice and stir until well blended, then serve with the fish.
  7. It's quick, easy, and doesn't require a lot of cleanup.
  8. Steamed carrots or broccoli and some form of potatoes go well with this.
Most Helpful

This is great! I purchased 6 - yes, 6 - pounds of Tilapia filets without ever having tasted it. We got it yesterday, so today I made a couple for lunch using your recipe. Delicious! And you're right - quick and easy. I'm not a fan of anything that resembles tartar sauce, so I had mine "as is" with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. I'm planning on making this for my Kiddo for lunch tomorrow - she's gonna love it. Thanks!

HEP MEP March 14, 2003

Quick, easy, delicious. What's not to love about this dish?

bdunkeld September 23, 2011

Delish! I would cut he seasoning/cornmeal in half next time. I also substituted the olive oil with canola since olive oil can't handle high heat at all.

VerucaSalt October 18, 2009