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Oh my, this was delicious. Very gourmet! I halved the recipe for DH and I. This was a weeknight meal so we used pre-made gnocchi which took 3 minutes to cook! I peeled the squash uncooked with a tomato peeler and cut into small chunks about the size of the gnocchi. I tossed the squash in with a little bit of melted butter, salt and pepper then roasted until soft for about 15 min. Since the gnocchi took no time to cook, I added the squash to the pan after frying the gnocchi along with the remaining ingredients. Only thing I added was shallots (sauted in oil before adding everything else). We paired with roasted rack of lamb which was just heavenly. DH does not like nuts in his food and he even liked and ate it. All the flavors come together very well. I wasn't sure about the goat cheese so I would suggest letting people taste a bite with all the ingredients first to see if they like it because it was certainly still delicious without the goat cheese and nuts. We happened to like the recipe with all the ingredients. Just leave the cheese and nuts to the side until guests confirm they like the blend.

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discriminating tastes... October 05, 2009

I absoultely love this recipe. For convenience i use prepacked gnocchi (less mess!) To make the squash easier to peel, prick it all over with a fork & microwave on high for 5 min. The skin virtually slides off! Reduce roasting time by 10 min for the squash, you might not even need to roast it. Enjoy!

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debinmanchester April 03, 2009
Pan Fried Potato Gnocchi With Squash, Goat Cheese & Walnuts