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Absolutely delicious! After our outing to the Pumpkin Patch, we came home to relax with an appetizer and for some reason, chicken livers just sounded yummy. I happened to have chicken livers in the fridge (truthfully, I was going to use them for dog treats:~D)so I searched for pan-fried chicken livers. Imagine my surprise when it was my sister-in-law's recipe!!! My sweetie and I loved thyem....I deep fried in a pan on the stove and next time I will use my DeLonghi Deep Flyer - much neater. Great flavor, buttermilk is a great idea and we dipped in chunky blue cheese dressing!

P.S. Dog treat Recipe to be posted soon!

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Leopard Apron October 20, 2011
Pan-Fried Chicken Livers