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Very nice! I had doubts about the huge amount of butter, so I cut back by 1/4 cup. It turned out perfectly fine, although it did get very dark. My fault, I should have covered it with tinfoil after 20 minutes. Thanks for posting!
Made for Remember the Alamo challenge WT8

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pammyowl August 07, 2012

This is an excellent Pan De Muerto! I made the dough in my automatic bread machine and then I shaped it by hand and baked it in the oven for a authentic look. It turned out beautifully. The orange and anise were just perfect. I'm not a huge anise fan, but it added great flavor along with the orange. The glaze was very tasted. I juiced the orange and then cooked it on the stove. I made this for day of the dead and I'll definitely be making it again.

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CabbageHeadMurphy November 20, 2011

The only time I've had Pan de Muerto was when learning about it in Spanish class - either middle or high school. I don't remember liking it terribly much - very anise-y, kind of tough. It could be my memory is fading (it was a LONG time ago), or that my palate at the time was less than sophisticated. This recipe, made to teach my son a bit about Dia de Los Muertos, was absolutely fantastic! I did not have any orange liqueur, so I used orange juice. I also started it later than I should have, so I skipped the first rising and formed the loaves straight from the mixing bowl. The bread had a lovely, tender texture, very mild anise flavor and the glaze was a tasty, beautiful finish. I will definitely make this again - maybe even before next year's Dia de Los Muertos!

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Jmommy209 November 02, 2010

Five stars for authenticity! (Actually this is better tasting than most Mexican breads). At first I felt that there was not enough liquid, but the problem was solved once the butter and eggs were added. Resist the temptation to add more flour, the dough will be very slack. Made for ZWT5 Mexican Fiesta Challenge.

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Galley Wench June 03, 2009
Pan De Muerto (Mexican Bread of the Dead)