Total Time
Prep 4 mins
Cook 8 mins

From the 222 Recipes-The Greek Cookery Book. A gift from NurseJaney. This bread is the bread I ate in Santorini when I visitied my family. I love Greece and loved visiting this unique island. This is a fast and easy delightful bread to make and has a lovely flavor. The colors from the ingredients stand out. It brings a little bit of old world flavor with it and to your home. It is very quick to make. Enjoy a little bit of Greece. The picture on the book cover is a place we walked and stayed near. ********* this contains no eggs, milk, dairy, meat

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 -3 spring onions, finely chopped
  • 2 ripe tomatoes, skinned and crushed
  • 1 cup water
  • salt, pepper, oil for frying about 1/4 c total depends on pan size
  • optional basil, oregano, dill, garlic for different flavors. You be the chef


  1. Mix flour with water and add crushed tomatoes, onion, salt, and pepper. Combine the mixture well with a wooden spoon to form a smooth cream.
  2. Put oil into a frying pan and heat it well.
  3. Spoon a large tablespoon of mixture into oil, frying until 1 side is browned. Flip over to brown other side.
Most Helpful

I am home alone, so I made up half this recipe, and ate the lot :) I used self raisng flour, and ended up with light savoury piklets, that I ate with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. very easy recipe, had no trouble with it, thanks Connie. Made for Aussie swap, june2010

mummamills June 19, 2010

I enjoy making fry breads, or flatbreads, as well as pancakes, so this recipe appeals to me too. I wasn't sure how much oil to use and so I was generous with it. I read the other two reviews and mine also came out kind of heavy, but I know some other recipes that are without leavening too and they are a bit heavier. It helps there to have the heat hot enough to cook them through before they absorb too much oil. I think next time I will also add a bit of baking powder to the mix, and probably not put as much liquid in the mixture, or oil in the pan. I like it enough to try it again. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us! [editted to add] I did make this again, with a few changes. I added 2 tsp of baking powder to the dry ingredients; I added the diced tomato before the water, so the liquid from the tomato would go in first and then I could adjust the water so the mixture would be a stiff batter instead of a creamy one. It came out great! I've added it to my fry bread repertoire and will be making it again and again. - I just made it again,, using a bit of rosemary, sage, tomato, egg,, green onion.. yumm. It is a flexible recipe. I could go on and on, but I'll stop now. hehehe

Rainbow - Chef 536866 March 21, 2010

I've never been to Greece and have never heard of this bread, but it looked interesting. Overall our family liked it. My son said it tasted kind of like mild pizza. Since he loves pizza, that's a compliment. I did a test one and it seemed flatter than I expected (like a pancake) so I and added some baking powder and baking soda to get it to puff up a little more. I think next time I make it (and I will) I will use sundried tomato as well just to give it a little more flavor. I liked that Chef1MOM stated that you could play around with the spices and herbs you add to it. I added italian herbs to mine. Made for Spring PAC 2009.

Krista Roes April 01, 2009