Pam's Crab Fondue

Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

I got this from my sister in law , Pam , and OMG ... I absolutely LOVE it .. unfortunately , I can't get fresh crab in Pa.!! I don't even want to try canned crab ...I just don't think it would be the same... if anyone DOES happen to try it with canned, let me know how it works?? :)

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  1. Melt both cheeses.
  2. Stir in whipping cream.
  3. Add W.
  4. sauce and garlic powder, stirring until well blended.
  5. Add a crab.
  6. That's what my recipe says!
  7. Add a crab!
  8. *LOL*She served this with warm baguette type bread, or you could do crackers of some type.
  9. MmMmm~ I have no clue how many this serves!
  10. It's dip.
  11. *preptime doesn't include cleaning the crab~ i've never had to clean my own crab, so i really don't know how long it takes!