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I love this recipe. I have used it before when I purchased my spring form pan from Pampered Chef. I always hate making homemade cheescake because it is always so dry. This recipe is the creamiest one I have found. The sour cream gives it the perfect taste! I followed the recipe for the filling exacly with the exception of using organic ingredients and 50/50 flour. The 50/50 flour is a little grainy, so next time I will just use regular unbleached flour. I topped with fresh strawberries and strawberry glaze. For the crust, I opted for granola. The store was out of what I wanted,so I used 2 premade all natural granola crusts and combined them with the butter and sugar. So thick and crispy and buttery! Very yummy!

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carylynn April 28, 2011
Pampered Chef Perfectly Creamy Cheesecake