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This made a beautiful mask! I did increase the quantity of my favourite lotion(which at the moment happens to be Enchanteur Alluring Perfumed Hand And Body lotion) to 8 tbsps. and the quantity of oats to 2 tbsps. I did not have any lavender oil, so I substituted it with peppermint oil(12 drops). I ran short of Vaseline(Pertoleum Jelly), so I used all that I had which was about 4 tbsps. I had used my fingers to remove the paste that had stuck between the blades of my mixer and then instead of directly washing my hands out, I massaged the paste onto my palms. I allowed it to stay on my palms for 5 minutes. After that, I washed my palms under running tap water. Then, I patted them dry and felt them. They were as soft and smooth as the bum of a new born baby:-) I have kept the remaining mask paste in my refrigerator. I would love to apply this mask 'COLD' in these horrible humid summers. I think it would also be really cool to use this mask paste as a foot lotion. I would think of applying this in the night on my feet and maybe even my legs, and then washing it off the next day. Would feel like a pampered baby! LOL. But, seriously, I am considering the idea and if I do do it, I will post an update. THANK YOU for sharing a wonderful recipe!

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Charishma_Ramchandani June 25, 2003

Sorry, but I wasn't impressed with this. For one, I don't think the directions are specific enough... you are supposed to grind up the oats with the lotion aren't you? I also think that 2 Tbs lotion and petroleum jelly is too much for only 1 facial, really. I tried wiping the mask of as directed but my face still felt greasy and gooey like petroleum jelly. I washed my face a couple times to get the slime off and (although it may be because I washed it twice) it doesn't feel any softer than if I had just put lotion on. I substituted tea tree oil for the lavender oil, which was nice because it was kind of tingly as I waited. The mask does feel nice on and like Charishma said I'm sure it would feel nice to put on cold on a hot day, but other than that I didn't like this at all. I used part unscented Curel lotion and part L'oreal Futur-E lotion. I found that this did pretty well on my hands, though. This might be nice to moisturize hands or feet, but it left my face very greasy. Sorry.

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Roosie September 16, 2004

There is nothing like spoiling yourself. All I can say is wow with a smile. Thanks!

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JustaQT May 01, 2004
Pamper Yourself Facial Mask