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Yayyyyyyyyyyyy....Found the ultimate recipe for paksiw na isda...OMG this the real deal!!! My Grandma's house in the Philippines is literally a stone throw away from the beach so fish is plentiful and paksiw is a very popular way to fix them apart from prito(fried). Been dying to make this for ages but living in London makes it extremely hard to find the right fish. There's the usual cod and haddock but I wasn't that convinced it will taste as nice. So imagine our local fishmongers reaction when I was jumping up and down finding frozen whole sardines ! ....(head, guts and all!) I excitedly thawed them when I got back and I swear my boyfriend said I was acting rather strange as he said he's never seen me so excited doing something soooo gross... ( I was gutting the fish at that point...LoL!) I never gutted a fish before and it made me feel so uneasy doing it when the fish seems to be staring at me with that dead look - LoL - that I just decided to cut it's head off to make it a little bearable. I was soooo tempted to eat all of it after cooking as the smell was soooooo nostalgic and aging it in the fridge for 2 days was an absolute torture....but yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it was definitely worth it... Thank.. you thank you..thank you 'LikeItLoveIt' for bringing a piece of the Philippines to me... :) NOTE: The photo doesn't do justice to the recipe...It might look better with just white fish fillets...but whers the fun in that...LoL... Besides sardines is the nearest thing to galunggung that I can get hold of... :) A definite keeper!!!

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Kikai's Kitchen April 14, 2007

VERY AUTHENTIC. to those who think this looks or sounds nasty...this is awesome stuff. you've really gotta try it to understand. thanks for sharing!

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LuvMyBabies December 30, 2007
PAKSIW NA ISDA (Boiled Pickled Fish and Vegetables)