Pakistani Coffee With Cinnamon & Cardamom

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins

Adapted from Laura Kelly at Silk Road Gourmet, where she’s on a journey through the cuisines, histories and cultures of the more than thirty countries that traded goods along that great lifeline of the ancient world. Posted by Sasha Martin. Love how she describes things!


  1. Crack open a few cardamom pods and toss them in a large pot, along with dark roast coffee, a cinnamon stick, milk, and some water. You can add the sugar now, or you can let your guests add their own.
  2. Simmer for ten minutes. Ladle the liquid as it bubbles and bobs, pouring from up high to aerate the coffee mixture. Do this about twenty times.
  3. Actually do it about a hundred and twelve times. Each time the mixture will get a little frothier. It’s a great thing to do when you have a problem to work out. Someone to think about. However many times you decide to do it, enjoy the process.
  4. Strain the milky mixture and transfer to a coffee pot.
  5. Pour into cups and serve with a cinnamon stick.
Most Helpful

This coffee is really different, but good! I aerated mine about 15-17 times (I kinda lost count) and it seemed to be perfect. This surely was a treat this Sunday morning and transported me outa here and somewhere exotic. Thank you Sharon123 for sharing. Tagged it for PRMR.

ForeverMama June 01, 2014

Wow, I really enjoyed this delicious coffee Sharon. It was really fragrant and flavorful. I loved that you could taste both the cinnamon and the cardamom in the coffee. I aerated the coffee mixture about 15 times, was perfect for me. Thank you so much for sharing another wonderful coffee recipe. Made for Name that Ingredient.

Baby Kato January 19, 2014