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I received one of these at Christmas. I cooked it but did not have the tomato juice
or tomato paste (I have found adding tomato paste to chili caused heartburn so I don't use it) or onion so I put in about 4 tbs of minced onion, I only had two cans of diced tomatoes and they were the Delmonte zesty milld green chili's, I did not drain them. I used a jar of Ragu chunky garden vegetable, then filled up the sauce jar with water and added the water.
I simmered it for two & half hours and the beans were still crunchy. I added a can of black beans and and a can of red kidney beans because it was not thick like my guys like it to be.
I cook a lot of chili with kidney & black beans.
I'm not a fan of the taco seasoning in chili. I did not fill the pot with water to the top, only put in the sauce jar of water and it filled a big pot.
If I ever make this again I would do it in a crock pot
It seemed to take about 4 hours at a simmer. Its a really beautiful gift

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chercon January 06, 2012

This was very easy to put together and such a nice presentation. I followed some of the other reviewer's tips and added a few extra beans and tamped everything down good. Great looking Christmas gift for my chili-loving friends. Thanks for posting dicentra ~ made for LET'S PARTY TAG, December 2009!

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FloridaNative December 31, 2009

This is a gorgeous and declicious gift! My Girl Scout troop made cookies, brownie, chile and soup mix in a jar and sold the jars at craft shows. I tested this recipe first in a quart sized jar and added an extra 1/4 cup of red beans and maybe upped some of the other beans slightly to fill the jar to the top. It made a gigantic amount of wonderful chile. For the Girl Scout sale, we halved the ingredients, added the extra 1/8 cup red beans. I still used the full 2 pounds of ground turkey with the the 1/2 recipe. I would add an option to the directions to add red pepper flakes or cayenne (cautiously) to taste.

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cmiller November 22, 2009

This is beautiful in the jar - very impressive. I made this for Christmas gifts and knew that I needed to taste it before giving it away. A quart jar makes a HUGE amount of chili. The water added to "fill the pot" was a gallon. I would cut down a bit on that if you like your chili thicker rather than on the thin side. It's not a spicy chili - flavor was nice. I would suggest halving everything, putting it into a pint jar. That would make a more managable amount of chili! Oh and cooking time was 3 hours for the beans to soften.

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chixinthestix December 13, 2008

As you can see, I did get the mix into the jar. It is very attractive and I think will make a very nice gift along with a jar of my Cornbread Mix. I plan to come back and post a review of the soup once it has been made. As for the mix, to fill out the 2-quart jar, I found it necessry to use 1/3 cup each of the white beans and black beans. I did add a few additional dried pintos to the top to make sure that the pretty seasoning mix would stay in place. Also, after I began adding the beans, I used my tamper tool to pack the seasoning down to keep it from shifting.

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PaulaG September 03, 2006
Painted Desert Chili Mix in a Jar