Paint and Baking Tips for Sugar Cookies

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

grandchildren like to help with this..we sure get some pretty designs you will need artists paintbrushes and some cookie cutters to have fun with


  1. save egg whites for glaze.
  2. place each egg yolk in small a teacup.
  3. add a few drops of food coloring, mix well.colors will be strong.
  4. for lighter more translucent colors, add water.dip paintbrushes into cups, paint cookies that are on the cookie sheet.already cut.
  5. allow colors to set -- before baking.
  6. immediately before placing cookies in oven.brush with egg whites to glaze:.
Most Helpful

Thanks, this was great for our Halloween sugar cookies and the kids loved painting.

LuckyMe October 09, 2006