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Think of raisin bread, but with dried apples... Enjoyable, but I think if I improved my rising technique it would be even better. Used Woodchuck Hard Apple Cider, which is THE one to buy. I learned today that serious bread bakers use gram weight measures instead of liquid measures. In case that puts anyone else off this recipe, 90 g water is 3/8 cup (shy of 100 ml); 15 g hard alcoholic cider is 150 ml; 10 g salt is shy of 2 teaspoons; and 130 g sourdough starter is between 1/2-2/3 cup). If you haven't already, go ahead and get a good digital scale that can do grams or ounces. Apparently I need a dough whisk; I used my gloved hands to mix. In fact, I did without the stand mixer and used my gloved hands again; apparently the job is quicker in the stand mixer. I'm not sure I provided a warm enough environment for the rising. Guess I should use the proof box to guarantee optimal temperature. Next time, I would use a food processor to chop up the dried apples; and I for one would prefer bigger bits of apple. Made for Pammyowl Cookathon.

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KateL December 11, 2013
Pain Normand