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This is an outstanding (and spicy hot) paella recipe which is very easy to make and one I'll make again - but be prepared if you follow the recipe, it makes a TON! <br/><br/>A standard 3-qt. electric skillet will work only if you cut the recipe in half. Use a 5-qt skillet to make the recipe as shown.<br/><br/>Since I don't have a large electric skillet, I used a 5-qt saute pan (straight sides) and prepared the recipe stove-top, I only wish I'd taken a photo of my finished product because the presentation is absolutely beautiful. <br/><br/>If you dislike spicy dishes, use sweet Italian sausage and eliminate the jalapenos. It'll still be fantastic. <br/><br/>I made a few small alterations: I sprinkled the chicken with 1 tsp salt during sauteeing and added a about 2 tsp. salt to the hot wine broth. I also placed canned smoked oysters on top of the paella before covering to simmer. Yum!<br/><br/>Re timing: It took me 2 hours start to finish by having a helper slice and dice the vegetables while I prepared the broth, cooked the Italian sausage and browned the chicken (note: use bulk sausage, it's faster than removing sausage from casings).

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JulieB713 January 27, 2014

I'm teaching myself how to cook. This is the most complicated thing I've ever tryed. I'm still at the 'i duuno if this is gonna work' stage, but folks this turned out real good.

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Avatarus October 27, 2005
Paella, Ala Electric Skillet