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I adjusted the noodles down to 1/2 pound per Martha's instructions to me, but doubled the sauce anyway - I like stuff juicy - and this was perfect! Thanks - I've been looking for a pad thai recipe and I have definitely found a real keeper.

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Mysterygirl January 27, 2003

The taste is pretty good, but I'm not sure about the measurements. I think 1 lb of noodles is too much. The same goes for the chicken and shrimp. It turned out too dry. There wasn't enough sauce.

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Shasha January 16, 2003

I had read all 86 of the reviews.... Is this an authentic Pad Thai...no...but your description of this recipe says it is not an authentic. Is this recipe good....no...it is a delicious recipe..... But a definite must in doubling the sauce or even tripling for sure. To the sauce I did add 1 Tbs of peanut butter only because I like the taste of peanut butter in my Pad Thai's. Also I cooked the chicken first then added the shrimp, being that chicken takes a little longer than shrimps. And I did cook my noodles according to the package directions. Otherwise made the recipe as it is. Served mine with some edamame beans.....This really made for a very yummy lunch. I have actually made this again this past week with Pork tenderloin thinly sliced with some shrimps, and that turned out really delicious too....Definitely has a good bite to it with the garlic chili sauce...especially when you are doubling the sauce. Really doesn't need the extra pepper flakes at all. Thanks for sharing a quick wonderful tasting recipe Martha !! We all enjoyed it.

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FrenchBunny May 15, 2011

Made this for dinner tonight, the noodles did not cook all the way in ten minutes, they were still hard. Also I did as many others suggested and doubled the sauce, and added the peanut butter. There was still not enough sauce! It had great flavor, although a little too salty for our taste! I may try again... but will have to tweak.

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sapowell July 27, 2010

My family enjoyed this dish. I doubled up on the sauce used a finer noodle (only one on hand), added snow peas, tofu in addition to the chicken shrimp and eggs. This was totaly enjoyable and I would definitely makes this again.

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vena sawh February 27, 2003

So I decided to make this recipe today but incorporated some of my own cooking experience and deviated a little from the recipe. 1. MAKE DOUBLE THE SAUCE OR CUT THE AMOUNT OF NOODLES IN HALF!!! Absolutely necessary for it to taste good. 2. Use the white parts of the green onion and add with garlic. The white onion part will make the shrimp have a great flavor. 3. Drizzle 2 teaspoons of sauce onto the shrimp and chicken (I used tofu) to let the marinade soak into the ingredients. 4. After adding the noodles, if you see that the noodles are drying up, add room temp water until it moisten up a little. Do not add too much or else the noodles will become soggy. 5. I added fresh red peppers (sliced) at the end with the cilantro and green onion instead of red chili flakes at the beginning. This makes the dish spicier. Overall great dish.

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paula2693 October 04, 2014

I loved this recipe it definitely taste authentic, but like other reviews I doubled the sauce, and used a 1/2 pound of noodles it was just right. I used, oyster sauce, and I did not have peanut oil so I used sesame oil. Instead of sugar I used Asia chili sauce and peanut sauce. . It was delicious, will make again for my daughter and husband. ?

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wyanet r. April 12, 2014

Great recipe! I too recommend at least doubling the sauce. If you really want the flavor to pop try adding a half teaspoon of curry powder. I do this all the time now and it's awesome!! Thanks.

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Jason Cook January 11, 2014

Super! I've recently been hitting the Asian recipes pretty hard and I am always looking for things that are easy to cook, with tasty results. This works!

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Jill4man March 14, 2004
Pad Thai With Chicken and Shrimp