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we had 600g of chicken mince (about 4-5x the required amount specified here) so doubled the spices, oil, juice, peanut butter and soy. then i added even more coriander/cilantro. they were a little 'wet' so i grated some fresh continental white bread crumbs into the mixture to make it more moist to cook. then we bbq'd the burgers and they were great but a little dry to eat, as we didnt eat them in a burger but with other bbq meat and salad. next time, id say we'd have a dipping sauce or vinagerette to accompany them. if you are frying them in oil and having them in a burger, then you might not need a dipping sauce. either way will make again! thanks, suzanne!

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after*hours*cook October 19, 2007
Pad Thai Style Chicken Burgers