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This is a wonderful recipe full of flavor. I must give Hanuman much credit for showing via youtube how he prepares his Pad Thai. His expertise, methods, presentation along with this wonderful recipe inspired me to make Pad Thai for the first time. I really did not like Pad Thai in the past after being served at Thai restaurants because the taste was mostly quite insipid, too sweet for my taste, way overcooked and the presentation had a lot to be desired. I used tamarind concentrate diluted with water 50/50. Did not have pickled radish so used pickled Szechuan turnip pickle first soaking in water to get rid of saltiness a bit. I think many salted western pickles would also work as long as it is not sweet and has the crunch factor. The only change I like to make from this recipe is cutting back on rice noodles to maybe 5 ounces. I do not like too much noodles to compete with other fresh ingredients. I like to see them more in harmony with other ingredients. I cooked green onion very briefly only in the end - maybe 30 seconds or so and did not cook bean sprouts at all. I used the bean sprouts as fresh condiment on top when serving - chilled item on top of hot noodle concept. I am so glad you posted this wonderful recipe Rhiamom. This recipe is good as it gets when making Pad Thai.

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Rinshinomori August 22, 2008

Really awesome Pad Thai recipe. I did not cut up the shrimp and left the tails, also I did not chop up the peanuts. I used the chicken broth, not the tomato sauce. The flavors were subtle and all the fresh garnishes made it perfect. I will make this again!

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ljbishop995 March 01, 2015

Wow, this looks like just what I want! Will go shopping and then rate it when I make it. Thanks, rhiamom!

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Ivy Food Sleuth January 11, 2009
Pad Thai