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This is one of my "usual" whenever I visit my local favorite (the Cheesecake Factory restaurant has very decent Pad Thai). It's so easy to make, the most difficult task was to cut up the pork loin. I left out the lemongrass since I couldn't find it anywhere. The missing ingredient did not compromise the end result. The leftover looks much healthier than the one from the restaurant, no grease collected at the bottom of the container. Thank you for sharing your receipe.

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Peter Pan August 12, 2002

Sue L and everyone else, the lemon grass is with the spices in the gormet section of all thge spices in the grocery store. I think it does add to the taste. I really love pad Thai and I like it spicey so I added some extra Thai chili peppers

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Jackie Amundsen September 09, 2002

My husband and I thought this was good but not enough to make again. This recipe seemed to take more work than others and like the others, does not have enough sauce. We used chicken.

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mMadness97 October 26, 2011

I enjoyed this but thought the sauce was a little too ketchup tasting. So I added some Thai red curry paste to it. Next time, I'll probably use more paste to ketchup to see if I can get the taste of my favorite thai restaurant's. I thought it was missing something until I added fresh basil- yummo! That took it up a notch. I was tempted to add a little tamarind too for a more authentic taste, but I wasn't sure how that would mesh with the ketchup base. The egg was an issue. It was soggy and broken up at the point added to the recipe. Next time I'll cook the egg first or cook separately to avoid that.

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discriminating tastes... April 06, 2009

This was a good recipe with pretty authentic tastes but no ingredients that would sit in my cupboard unused for a year. I tweaked a little bit, used dried lemongrass that I had on hand, raw large shrimp and thinly sliced chicken. I cut the sugar back to about 2 tsp, used 2 TBSP ketchup and 2 Tbsp chili garlic paste,,I like my Pad Thai hotter than sweet. Didn't have chives or green onion, and the recipe was good even without them. The hardest part is the prep, cooking is done in no time. Leftovers the next day were great too! Will make again!

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GIBride01 November 29, 2008

I tried other Pad Thais from here as well and I have to tell you that I go definitely with this one. The lemongrass is the thing which made it taste so good in my opinion.

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popkutt October 14, 2008

I used chicken that I sliced very thinly instead of the boneless pork loin. This was a big hit. Thanks for a great recipe.

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mary winecoff April 15, 2007

Wow!! Very delicious! I did not have chilies, so used jalapenos. Didn't have bean sprouts, chives or lemongrass either. For meat I used the veggie meat called FriChik and dumped in the juice from the can to make it saucier! Very tasty~~will be making again!! Thanks

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SPrins January 02, 2007

We love this, I've made it several times and forgot to review it. I usually set up the ingredients before I start so making this is super quick and easy. I've been making Pad Thai for a couple of years and this recipe is very similiar to what I was making but the addition of the lemon grass just gives it a little extra punch. I don't use the chili peppers or ketchup and I add 1 TBSP of red curry paste and then my BF will add dried thai chilis to his. But this is a quick and easy meal, I would eat all the time if the family would let me.

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Eleventhletter September 19, 2006
Pad Thai