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This is a good Pad Sieu recipe. Be careful to follow the ingredient portions because I messed up on my first try. My package of rice noodles was 7 ounces and that turned out to be a bit too much...4 ounces was better. If you increase the amount of noodles, meat and vegetables, make sure you increase the amount of seasonings (that's where I messed up). My second try proved this recipe to be a winner! Give it a shot, Thanks HeatherFeather!

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Hey Jude May 29, 2003

Excellent dish! Made it with shrimp, and DH loved it. Next time I'll try it with chicken. This really is easy and versatile, and incredibly tasty! I followed the instructions exactly except that I used Indonesian sweet soy sauce because that's what I had. It's less thick than the Thai one but don't think that it affected the taste.
Thanks for posting this keeper! Made for PARTY event 2010.

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Mia in Germany December 26, 2010

Great dish and so flexible, I've made it four times now and have made it with shrimp, salmon, pork, as well as with chicken. I like peas in my oriental dishes so in went about a cup of frozen peas (thawed before blending in). Instead of the soy sauce, fish sauce and thai vinegar I went the easy way and used House of Tsang Saigon Sizzle Stir-Fry Sauce. This also eliminates the need for the flour or corn startch.

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Chef AkRascal February 26, 2007
Pad Sieu (Thai Rice Noodles)