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This unique recipe was a big hit with my family! It's very spicy, but we love it that way. Blending the starchy veggies and broth to make the gravy was a wonderful touch. The spices gave it that nice dark tan color without any tomato sauce in the recipe. I'm used to cooking beef stew for a long time to tenderize the chuck and blend the flavors, so I was surprised how tender the small pieces of beef were, and how flavorful the stew was in such a short time. I used my butcher's recommendation for a "chuck tender" that I had never tried before. It was very lean and delicious. Thanks so much for sharing this "keeper".

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PanNan January 07, 2003

Great stuff for a cold night! I didn't have any cayenne, but it was great even without. I almost wonder if the cayenne wouldn't compete with the interesting combination of paprika and caraway- but in any event, it's a keeper in our house. I did add quite a few more potatoes and carrots than was called for.

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Karen from Montana January 11, 2003

This is one of the best beef stews we've ever had. We needed to use up some leftover rare steak and beef tenderloin, and decided to use this recipe because we love spicy food. I had closer to 2 1/4 pounds of beef, but I diced it, browned it, and proceeded as if it were raw. I made it exactly as directed, with one exception: I didn't have caraway seeds. I'll look forward to trying this recipe with them, but even without it was fabulous. Pureeing half the stock and sauteed veggies was a wonderful way to thicken the stew without flour. This was extremely flavorful, beefy, spicy, and just the perfect dish for an icy, cold winter day. GREAT recipe that we'll make often. The only change I might consider is adding more broth and veggies, and possibly adding whole garlic cloves. But as it is, it's a stunningly delicious dish.

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Lizzie-Babette January 03, 2004

This was great for the cold temperatures we have had in Manitoba this winter. I think this is the best beef stew I have made and I love the spices. I have frozen serving portions in marg containers and this way I can take one to work for lunch and heat up in the mic. I will make it again.

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Shar-on February 10, 2004

I browned two lbs stew beef, cooked it in pressure cooker till done, and then added the rest of the ingredients to the meat and cooked it without pressure. We used 1/4 t cayenne and no white pepper. It still has a nice kick, but is not too hot. I didn't want that few vegetables, so I created a medley with 2c butternut squash, 1 green pepper and 2 c corn, a handful of button mushrooms and one carrot. Last, I added a can of stewed tomatoes, whirred in the blender to smooth them. I gave what was left of it away in a clear quart jar. It is a great "guy gift" for a teacher. It has beautiful colors - orange squash, green pepper, red brown broth/gravy and yellow corn with the brown meat cubes. I did not precook the vegetables to thicken the stew, but just served as is and it got fairly thick. I'd double this recipe and serve to guests. It is a keeper.

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pmccords October 20, 2008

Lots of flavour in this recipe! But, even though we like spicy food, we found it to be way too hot. The stew was very, very thick and not that appealing to the eye. It seemed like a lot of work.

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Debbb July 04, 2008

This was a wonderful stew variation. I've tried several here on Zaar and I must say that yours has the best flavor! I used some leftover sirloin steak and extra of all the veggies. Love the thickening method too! Thanks!

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akgrown January 22, 2007
Packs a Wallop Beef Stew!