P.w.’s Homemade Chocolate Milk Mix for the Fridge

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

Saw this on Pioneer Woman. Can't wait to try it! Servings are approximate!


  1. Heat cream over medium-high heat until slightly boiling.
  2. Add chocolate pieces and turn off heat.
  3. Whisk slowly until chocolate is melted and mixture is very smooth.
  4. Pour into a container and keep in the fridge up to two weeks.
  5. Mix with cold or warm milk, depending on how frightful the weather outside is.
  6. Note: Mixture, after refrigerated, will be quite thick. Just stir well in cold milk and you’ll be fine.
Most Helpful

This is very easy to make! I liked it as is, but DS liked a little more sweetness to his, so I added a little sugar and vanilla to his chocolate milk. I loved that this used things I already had at home to make. It is very thick once it is refrigerated, so be sure to stir well. This will be great in the winter for hot chocolate. Thanks for sharing! Made for Photo Tag.

breezermom August 08, 2010