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I have tried a similar recipe, and they are to die for! Since I became a celiac, these are my own version of grilled cheese sandwiches (which I would pick over grilled cheese, gluten free or not anyway!). I freeze the balls, then take out 2 or 3 for my "grilled cheese" lunch, pop them in my toaster oven for about 20 minutes. They are like crusty rolls with a suprize gooey cheesy middle.

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dcg1999 August 10, 2011

I tried 2 different recipes, both basically the same. I like yours the best texture wise. The other recipe is also good but I had trouble with the middle sinking instead of being puffy and they were a little gummy. Thanks, Jubes. I'm taking both versions to our daughter tomorrow; I think she'll like yours best.

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Toni in Colorado December 12, 2012
Pão De Queijo - Brazilian Cheese Puffs (Gluten-Free)