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Being a 'born and bred' New Englander, I've made umpteen Oyster Stews in my life...usually just using oysters and their liquid, cream and milk, butter or margarine, and salt and pepper to taste although I've been known to 'stray' a bit by sometimes adding finely chopped onion, or crushed red pepper, or a bit of garlic depending on my mood! Lol. I must say that the use of shallots is an excellent addition! Topping this stew with some paprika and a square pat of butter...as well as a bit of fresh or dried parsley...to create a bit of 'eye candy' just helps make it look extra nice.
Since I've never known an oyster to win a beauty contest...nevermind the stew...I do believe that true Oyster Lovers will forgive the leftovers for not appearing as 'fresh' the second day since the flavor will be even better! :) This recipe is definitely a 'keeper'...easy, quick, and delicious!

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Muriel K. August 27, 2010

Very rich and delicious! Loved the addition of the shallots. Made as written, except stirred in fresh, chopped parsley and sprinkled some paprika on before serving. Made for TOP FAVORITES of 2009 COOKBOOKS TAG GAME. P.S. Why is is so hard for some people to just say "Didn't like it" without being so insulting? :)

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Outta Here March 13, 2010

Wonderful! I don't think the reviewer who posted saying this tasted nasty knows what a great Oyster Stew is suppose to taste like. I loved the addition of the shallots. I cut the recipe in half and got 2 nice size servings. I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for posting. :)

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teresas November 14, 2009

This is the way Oyster Stew is supposed to be made. Thanks for posting and just remember as some wise old southerners used to say............."there ain't no cure for stupid"

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Carol V. November 15, 2009

Very good. This is our Christmas Eve dinner we've always had. Oyster stew is very simple and easy to make. Your recipe is outstanding. Thanks Alan.<br/>Once again it's Christmas and I'm making this recipe. Low and behold I forgot to add my stars when I made this the last time! Oyster stew is tradition for us. Thanks again Alan!

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nina22541 December 24, 2013

Perhaps the Reviewer that gave the poor Rating, was simply not familiar with old world classic Oyster Stew. This is a sound recipe for anyone because it is easy, the ingredients easily obtainable, and with some Oyster Crackers, perhaps Salt & Black Pepper to taste, even a little Clam Juice, one is enjoying inside of 45 minutes. "Bon Appetit..."


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G. B. November 17, 2011

Very tasty and extremely simple. Thanks for posting! Al

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Alan in SW Florida June 04, 2006

Took me back to my grandmothers kitchen, thank you this was wonderful

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bhherron January 02, 2015

I'm also a "born and bred" New Englander. My dad owned a fish market for 40+ years, and we grew up with Oyster Stew... When we were kids, my Dad would make it and give us a mug of the broth with no oysters (because we thought they were too ugly to eat!). Eventually we became brave enough to try the oysters too. Now, after checking out the receipe and reading the comments, I've got a wicked craving for some! Perhaps Chef "Nasty" has only had oysters on the half shell drenched with lemon and hot sauce... that might explain his lack of appreciation for a truly delicious New England favorite. Please pass me the oyster crackers!!!

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lorri3066 February 06, 2014

O.K....anything with a quart of half and half, plus a quarter cup of butter, plus the fat from that many oysters is going to be good....but add up the fat for 2-4 servings and you have more artery clogging than a healthy person should eat in a week! You can make delicious oyster stew sauteeing in onions in olive oil and a pat of butter for 2 minutes, then adding them to previous heated 1% milk, the strained oyster liquor, a can of non-fat canned milk and perhaps a little non-fat powdered milk to bolster the creaminess. Top with parsley, and a little dab of butter and pepper, and you have a delicious oyster stew with about 1/10th of the deadly fat from your recipe. I have made it this way many times, and gotten rave reviews.

Cooking with 1/2 cup butter, and a quart of half and half, is poor way to achieve good flavor. How could anything with those awful ingredients not be good. Good cooking is learning how to make something delicious AND healthy.

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doctormallard February 06, 2013
Oyster Stew