READY IN: 40mins
Recipe by tim_c

simmered chicken, egg and onion on rice

Top Review by Manon Barwick

This is a really easy to follow recipe, and surprisingly quick. I think I slightly overcooked my egg but it was still very tasty! Thank you very much - I will definately be making this one again.

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  1. Wash and cook rice.
  2. Chop onions into strips, and a crosswise cut to the larger sections if you want the onion pieces to spread out more on the rice.
  3. Start defrosting chicken.
  4. Break and beat egg in a bowl.
  5. Heat water and Dashi in a 10"~12" pot.
  6. Add soy sauce, mirin, rice wine, and sugar to the mixture and keep on medium heat.
  7. Make sure your rice cooker indicates "Warm" before adding the chopped onions to the pot.
  8. Simmer covered for about 8 min or until onions are becoming translucent.
  9. When the chicken has defrosted, cut chicken to bite-size and season with salt and pepper.
  10. Heat frying pan with oil.
  11. Fry chicken on medium-high until sides of the chicken are brown. Should not take more than 2~3 minutes.
  12. Mix the chicken into the pot and heat on high uncovered for about 5~7 min
  13. Pour the beaten egg into the pot, covering as much surface area as possible. Cover the pot.
  14. Wait for 20~30 seconds meanwhile getting the rice into a bowl.
  15. Pour the contents of the pot over the rice, it should literally slide out of the pot onto the rice. If it doesn't, it means too much water has evaporated or more likely, the egg was overcooked and is starting to stick to the pot.

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