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This is a great, easy, delicious way to make chicken! I've tried it 5 times and each time it has turned out beautifully. I use white vinegar for the mirin, chicken broth for the dashi, and I use 8 boneless, skinless chicken thighs and just simmer until they are cooked through (before adding the eggs). I know that is less authentic, but the flavour is still excellent.

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paulamonster March 02, 2004

Definitely easy to understand and follow! However I would like to point out that following this recipe results it in being too salty, at least, for my tastes. What I do is that I use a little less soy sauce and more sugar, as I tend to like sweeter tasting foods. In addition, I let the egg cook a little longer so it becomes a little more solid. It becomes more manageable for plating :)

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acaurora April 21, 2010

This recipe is quick and simple. I keep on going back to this recipe... I really should just print it out :P Initially I didn't have dashi or mirin so I used chicken broth and white wine or chinese rice wine and it came out wonderfully too.

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starflyer December 20, 2006

Oyako-don is my ultimate comfort food. I love it. Traditionally, I make mine very differently (maybe I'll post the recipe some time). However, I tried this once, when I had a little more time on my hands... and it turned out really good. It had completely different flavor. However it still saticified my need for chicken, rice, and comfort! hehe

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happylilhappa mitsuko March 11, 2004
Oyako-don (chicken and egg rice bowl)