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Recipe by Heather likes to Co

Delcious chicken and vegetables served over hot rice.

Top Review by tim_cat

He~! This is great, it's just like we used to make it! I've seen so many other oyakodon recipes, and they always look good, but never just like we used to make. This is so good, it reminds me of all my friends from so long ago. Thank you for posting my favorite recipe, which I thought I had lost! ^_^

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  1. Preparation.
  2. Slice chicken into small bite-size pieces, pour boiling water on them for removing smell and extra fat, and drain.
  3. Slice onion.
  4. Boil green peas roughly.
  5. Recipe.
  6. Put 1 cup water, seasoning(soy, sugar, mirin, sake), chicken and onion in the pan and cook them. Turn the heat down after boiling soup up. Cook it for 2 or 3 minutes.
  7. Spread the beaten egg over the onion and meat in the pan. Sprinkle green peas on egg and cook until the egg hardens partially.
  8. Put the hot rice in each donburi(bowl). And place egg and chicken mix on top of the rice.

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