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Mmmm, French toast and egg nog: two great tastes that taste great together. Baking is easier than frying and you use less fat, which helps make up for the fat that there is egg nog in the mix. Really great. Easy. It was a perfect Christmas breakfast. Used a jelly roll pan and the loaf soaked up all the sauce overnight.

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Gay Gilmore December 26, 2001

This is a very delicious dish. I made a similar dish like this- it was very good. Try this-instead of syrup, make hot cranberry sauce.

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Cody in Ontario, Canada January 03, 2002

This was a fantastic treat. I have actually made it twice. The first time I used Texas toast, I myself didn't care for it, everyone else loved it. The second time I used French Bread and it was SUPERB!! Will make often in the future.

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podapo December 23, 2002

Yum! I made this for Christmas morning breakfast, and everyone loved it. Thanks Bergy!

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Jane*in*RI January 13, 2003

Excellent easy breakfast. I popped it in the oven and made a fresh fruit salad and bacon while it was baking. We enjoyed this over the holidays and I'm sure it will become a tradition in our home.The aroma of it baking got my teenagers out of bed and that is really saying something. Thanks Bergy for another wonderful recipe!

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Kate in Ontario January 01, 2003

Oh yum! I made this for Thanksgiving morning and we all loved it. The only change was that instead of French bread I used brown sugar cinnamon bread (from Pepperidge Farm) and did two layers since the bread is not an inch thick. With the leftover batter, I soaked some more bread in it and then baked it in my waffle iron, which is how I usually make my French toast (French toat waffles). This is such a delicious recipe. We're planning on making it for Christmas breakfast also.

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Sherri35 November 27, 2003

Made some in Pyrex and others in non-stick jelly roll pan. Pyrex ones came out perfectly!!! The other pan was a complete mess but fit more pieces on it. Was a little intimidated by 7 eggs but the bread did soak it all up--again better job in the glass 9x13 pan. House smelled yummy and it wasn't overly sweet. Used light drizzle of maple syrup tho' the hot cran sauce sounds good too.

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The Amaze-Ing Me December 24, 2008

This was wonderful, Bergy! Loved the eggnog flavor, and it was so nice to have it ready to bake the next morning. I used a heavy half-sheet pan to fit all the slices in a single layer (you don't want to stack them), baked in a convection oven (reduced temp to 425), and also slid a pan of bacon in. I included the optional rum (Bacardi Gold), but skipped serving with butter. It was fantastic with just the warm maple syrup (Canadian, of course ;) ) and crisp bacon. We loved it--thanks for posting the recipe!

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GaylaJ January 02, 2007

1) You can't use regular thin sliced bread with this. I used a whole loaf of Pepperidge farm cinnamon raisin bread. 2) Would only recommend using french bread or maybe texas toast. 3) It wouldn't all fit in the pan so I stacked slices after dipping in the batter. Would NOT recommend stacking slices! 4) Even though I used a whole loaf of that bread I should have used more bread since there was almost 1/2 of batter left this morning swimming in the pan before baking it. 5) Perhaps I should have cut or torn the slices to fit better in the pan. 6) I was confused over the butter. Had it been the last item in the ingredient list it would make more sense. Instead I melted the butter when I first started to make this and poured it in the bottom of the pan before putting the bread in. Turns out this was unnecessary and added calories. 7) The end result was too sweet with syrup and the eggnog flavor wasn't very strong. Husband couldn't tell it was eggnog french toast. Will not make this recipe again but might try other eggnog recipes. Will throw the rest of this dish in the trash. Sorry.

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mybirdzone December 29, 2008

I gave this recipe 4 stars. This is very good tasting. My family really enjoyed this recipe. I loved the fact that I was able to pop this right in the oven right in the morning and in 25 minutes breakfast was ready with no fuss. Even my picky 9 yr old niece liked this french toast. When I made this I didn't have rum on hand so I left it out. My only complaint was how much of a custard type dish this was, but I'm not crazy over custard. Overall I will make this again for sure! Thanks for posting a great recipe! Christine (internetnut)

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internetnut December 26, 2010
Overnight Eggnog Baked French Toast