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I can't think of a better smell and taste to wake up to on a cold, busy morning. I tossed all of the ingredients in the crockpot before going to bed. (Only change I made was to cut way back on the brown sugar) The house smelled faintly of nutmeg and cinnamon when I woke up. The raisins plumped up so big and juicy and the flavor was fantastic! I used a crockpot liner bag so clean-up was a snap. The left-over oatmeal is ready to be popped in the microwave tomorrow. So wonderful to start my day on a healthy and positive note.

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QueenBee49444 November 02, 2010

I really enjoyed this one. I loved waking up and having breakfast ready for the kids. That in itself was wonderful. I liked the flavor too, though. One of the kids liked it, and the other didn't, so I guess I'll just be making it for myself in the future. I may try some other flavors to see if I can persuade him. We'll see. I didn't have apples or raisins, so I just used Craisins. I don't like raisins anyway, so that was no big loss for me. I did stir some milk into each bowl when I served it, since it became pretty thick. I think I'll leave the nutmeg out next time, since it just didn't seem to "fit" with the flavors. Of course, I'm not a big nutmeg fan anyway, so others may think it's fine. Either way, this was an easy breakfast for a cold morning. Can't beat that!

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Luv2Cook/Hate2Clean:) March 15, 2011
Overnight Crock Pot Oatmeal