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This is a very good recipe. I reduced temperature to 400 deg., and did not add the garlic until the last 15 minutes or so. It will burn otherwise. Also, I did not measure the vegetables with a scale or anything, but I surely used close to this amount and only about 4 tbl. of oil. finally,I just plain forgot about the lemon juice and sprinkled a bit of coarse sea salt and freshly ground pepper over all, used minced fresh rosemary and sage, and it was divine. We inhaled this. Don't be afraid to use the veggies you really like, change proportions, etc. The first time I made this I could not find rutabagas, and used sweet potatoes instead. Absolutely lovely. But if you have never had rutabaga, make a real effort to find one - you will be delighted.

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duonyte December 15, 2003

I added salt, and a generous amount of freshly cracked black pepper, and although they tasted good, the vegetables still lacked something ~ maybe some granulated garlic! I forgot to buy carrots, so I used parsnips I had on hand! I also reduced the temperature to 400F, covered my vegetables with foil for 20 minutes, uncovered and roasted another 20 minutes. Even roasting at a reduced temp, for a shorter time period, some of the onions and potatoes burned ~

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Kerfuffle-Upon-Wincle February 11, 2012

I made a modified version of this for Thanksgiving and although I overcooked them, they were pretty good. I think they could have used more seasoning of some kind, but overall it was a good dish.

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Garlicgoddess84 January 16, 2009
Oven-Roasted Winter Vegetables