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These turned out wonderfully crisp! I added the flour to the bag with the spices, then tossed the wings. Cooked as directed, only cooking 12 minutes after turning instead of 20 minutes. They looked like they might be getting a bit too brown. I made wing sauce with hot sauce, butter, and cayenne. Served with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks. Delicious! The only thing I might possibly change is to reduce the smoked paprika a bit. Thanks for sharing! Made for PRMR tag game.

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breezermom July 27, 2013

Made these for lunch and they were great! Not too salty or overly spiced; would like to try the spice mixture on boneless wings since my DSs don't eat bone-in wings. Served tossed in medium wing sauce with steamed brown rice. Definitely going to make these for DH on a football Sunday! Made for PRMR.

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AZPARZYCH September 18, 2013

Made as per recipe putting the flour and spices into a large bowl and then the wings covered and gave a good shake to coat the wings. Baked at 175C fan forced for 45 minutes for delicious and tender wings. Thank you nochlo, made for Please Review My Recipe.

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I'mPat August 07, 2013

These were great! I used chicken drumlets and skipped the cayenne pepper but otherwise made as directed. thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ September 19, 2013

OH WOW...DH and I absolutely loved these!!!<br/>I made them as directed...I highly recommend the bag technique.... and like other reviewers didn't need to cook mine for the length of time specified.<br/>They were crisp, moist and very very tasty!!<br/>We ate some of them plain, and tossed some in Louisiana Wing Sauce...both versions were delicious!!<br/>This is definitely a make again...and again recipe for us....!!<br/>Thank you very much for sharing.<br/>Made for PRMR

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Noo September 07, 2013

Made these tonight for a light dinner. I loved the way the wings actually crisped up as if they were fried. I, too, added the flour and spices to the bag and then combined the chicken. They do cook much faster than specified -- 25 minutes and then we turned them for another 5-10. Served with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce. A nice meal while we watched the US Open Tennis matches. Made for PRMR, September, 2013.

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DailyInspiration September 03, 2013

Excellent wing recipe. It has earned a spot in my best of 2015 file! I halved the recipe and cooked about 20 min. one side, 10 min. the other. I didn't toss it with any sauce and still thought the wings were excellent! Next time I might experiment with bbq sauce and hot sauce to see which version I like best between three. Easy recipe and soooooo good and crispy; with just the right amount of spice. Thank you!

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LifeIsGood February 02, 2015

These made a great snack for the SuperBowl. I didn't use the Cayenne I can't take the heat. MY DH would have liked the Cayenne. Made for 2014 Favorites.

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Lavender Lynn February 02, 2015

Thank you for our new go to chicken wing recipe nochio. Wow, were these little babies good. We really enjoyed the heat, from the rub and then from the sauce. I used a buffalo wing sauce that was very complimentary to the rub. These were quick and easy to make, you won't miss the fried element, the baked chicken, is simply perfect. Tender, juicy and very flavorful. Made exactly as written, wouldn't change a thing. Excellent plain or with sauce. Made for Best of 2013. Kudos to you for making it into my Best of 2014 Cookbook.

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Baby Kato February 20, 2014

Delicious! I cooked mine 20 mins turned and cooked another 15 mins...they were nice and crispy...what a big surprise...I was worried about the amount of flour...I really didn't think it would be enough to coat the wings...but that was another big surprise...there was even some flour mixture left over...I did add a touch of red pepper flakes for added heat...I decided at the end to use up the last of my hot wing sauce I had about 2 tbls left so I tossed the wings in the sauce for a very light coating and they held up well...kept their crunch...I cut the recipe down to 2 servings which gave each of us 5 pieces...plenty for a nice dinner...thanks for posting it...=)

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teresas November 04, 2013
Oven Roasted Wings of Chicken